Monday, November 8, 2010

My Favorite Flavor of Polyester



Just a few pics of a little blanket I made for my friend's new baby. This was my first time working with this ultra soft and cuddly polyester material. It made a huge mess and was all shifty (but less shifty than minky). I think a walking foot might help. I also couldn't unpick my seams b/c they were impossible to see.

Here's a little tip for the mess:
I used the hose of my vacuum to clean up the area around and under my sewing machine. (unseen bonus of still having my sewing machine on the kitchen table- there's no carpet to trap little fuzzies). I tossed the finished blankets in the dryer with my dryer balls on no heat. It worked great.

I'm debating whether I should give the second blanket to my neighbor's dad as a lap blanket. He will be undergoing chemo soon. My husband doesn't think the blanket will be very useful. I think it'll be nice to help cover up (since hospital gowns are so modest ha) and could be a little pillow in the car. What do you think?

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